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Nature Camp For Children

Nature Camp By Dirtboots Adventure

“ The key to a greener and sustainable future belongs to today’s children and youth”. Childhood is under exile under the present socio economic condition. Dirtboots Adventure gifts them the perfect escape and places them where they belong - in the lap of nature. Children are no less than a commodity nowdays and in order to increase their values in the market they are forced under leap of notes and pile of books. If in between they stare at sun rays glittering in the window pane their owners remind them of their duties. Vacations are the time to outpace other challenges and in order to do so they engage their brain and mind in the hometasks. This environment is solely responsible for the misdeeds of  children we often encounter in daily news feed.

We, Dirtboots Adventure believe there is a cause behind each rebel.  Everyone needs a place to express themselves and there is no better place than in the vicinity of gushing streams,shining peaks, lush bugiyals, dense forests. These Nature Awareness Camp programs, organized during different parts of the year are not only designed to know stars, rocks, insects, birds or trees like conventional nature camps but will invoke the participants with discipline, self dependence, tackling pressure situations, leadership quality, friendly attitude, team spirit. They will know themselves better under the craft and finesse  of friendly guides. Participation in this program will transform them to a wanderlust child, they will be able to stand up and be recognized in the society just as easily they will be able to face the challenges life throws at us.

We organize both summer and winter camps for children and students across various parts of India